Media Coverage

[A] stylish tuning app for players of bowed stringed instruments, designed to measure pitch accurately whether high or low…
The Strad print magazine, April 2014, p. 25
Universelle, simple, efficace, l’app fait le boulot qu’on lui demande parfaitement. [Universal, simple, effective, the app does the job we ask of it perfectly.]
— French music teacher Nicolas OLIVIER
at his blog Mon éducation musicale avec l’iPad
I have seen the tuner in use with all kinds of instruments at all pitch levels, so you can safely purchase this tuner for any instrument.
— Dr. Chris Russell from the Technology in Music Education blog
It works on all instruments and frequencies but pays special attention to low frequencies in the bass register.
— Kevin Johnson, managing editor of No Treble, a great site for bass players.
The tuner works great, in fact it works really well… It’s a really really cool tuner.
— Doug Woods of The Sound Test Room YouTube channel. Thanks again, Doug, for making the first video demo of Teüna.
What an incredibly inventive name for a company.
— Jim Dalrymple, The Loop, a blog about Apple technology and many other things, including music.
Teüna certainly seems to get the job done accurately and with a minimum of fuss.
— John Walden of Music App Blog. Thanks to John for publishing the first review of Teüna and for being delightful to work with by email.

Press Kit for Teüna, an elegant chromatic tuner

Download the Teüna Press Kit zip file (3.7 MB) including

• Icon, logo and screenshots in vector and bitmap formats
• PDF press release

Or, read the Teüna 1.0 press release PDF by itself.