Despite the volume of $.99 content, nobody writes a book, records an album, or develops an iOS app by themselves. First of all I want to thank my wife for her persistent support and encouragement. My four kids also have been sincerely interested, enthusiastic and patient with me, and my extended family has borne extra load to enable me to work on this.

My coworkers Ben and JR have been exceedingly helpful, the first in all low level C and math help and the second for hand-me-down iPhone hardware.

My seventeen intrepid beta testers have been invaluable and gave me not only reality checks but encouragement. My favorite moment was this incomplete haiku from my dad. The middle seven syllables must be heartbeats of that visceral satisfaction found only in a parent’s praise.

Great!!! Good job, Nate. dad

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I also want to thank those who wrote guides for me: First, Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegass from Big Nerd Ranch for writing and updating a perfect intro to iOS (I see the 4th edition is coming out in late 2013). It was seriously like a good college class. Also, Chris Adamson and Kevin Avila for their excellent book on the dim arts of CoreAudio. I’d also like to thank Philip McLeod for making his erudite but readable PhD dissertation available online, and Kevin Murphy for publishing open-source examples that helped me bootstrap. I also thank Michael Tyson and Adam of T=Machine for opensourcifying TPCircularBuffer and SVGKit, respectively.

Lastly, I’m grateful to Loren Wilkinson, R. Paul Stevens, J. S. Bach, Fëanor, Bezalel, Oholiab, and their Creator for the conceptual and theological framework that makes this worth doing.

— Nathan Vonnahme, October 2013

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