Pitch calibration upgrades and European tour: Teüna 1.3

iPhone 3.5-Inch Screenshot 1

New settings pane includes keyboard input for concert pitch

Teüna 1.3 is available on the App Store now. The concert pitch wheel is now a “spiral” — as you rotate it with the plus/minus buttons it just keeps going. It’s now adjustable from 220 – 880 Hz (a full octave below or above 440 Hz) and with keyboard input on the Settings pane, allows fractional settings like 440.5 Hz.


Teüna help screen for the Swedish iTunes App Store

Localization also continues with Chinese (Traditional) and twelve European languages that use Latin script: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, and Swedish. Music teacher Kaisa Nõges deserves special thanks for help with the Estonian translation.

Thanks again for using Teüna! Please help support ongoing development by sharing it with your friends, especially music teachers for whom I’m offering it for free, and consider leaving a positive review on the iTunes store. Your voice will really help.

Special thanks also to French music teacher Nicolas OLIVIER who blogged about Teüna last month and made some simple Vine animations showing it in action.