Free offer for music teachers

I first began a lifetime love of music from my kindergarten music teacher, Mrs. Reed. She made me want to sing forever. She had toys in her room, things that made fun noises when you played them, and were like a puzzle or a game to figure out. Mrs. Reed is still enriching our town by putting on operas, and I’m still fiddling around with any instrument I get my hands on.

My younger cellist, Cirdan, practicing at home

Now I’m the parent of some fine young musicians. They are already better musicians, in many ways, than I’ll ever be. It’s always inspiring to see how their teachers impact them in ways they won’t even begin to recognize for many years.

I first released my chromatic tuner app Teüna 6 months ago yesterday. It’s been well received so far, but I want to start giving it away to teachers as a token of thanks and to reach more people than I can individually.

Apple allows a limited number of free app download codes every time I make a release. While supplies last, just email me in any language at including

  1. a photo of yourself teaching, leading or conducting music
  2. where in the world you are

and I will send you a free download code.

Also, I would like to share some of your photos via this site or social media and keep in touch with my infrequent mailing list so please let me know if you do NOT want me to do that.

If my supply of codes runs low, I will give priority to teachers in non-English-speaking countries. Thank you for helping Teüna spread internationally!

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