Transposing and translating: Teüna 1.2

Teüna 1.2 is available today on the App Store, including a transposing feature requested by a French horn player named Aimee. Thanks again for writing, Aimee! I hope players of wind instruments will enjoy using my chromatic tuner app for intonation practice as much as string players do.


The other big news in this release is support for Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French languages. With English, Japanese and Spanish that makes 8 languages so far.

I will continue adding languages where I see interest, so please email me if you’d like to see Teüna in another language. I know very few people who don’t speak primarily English! So I will need your help.

And as always, if you enjoy Teüna please rate and review it on the App Store. Each new version and language has its own ratings and they are very important for visibility to new users.