Teüna: A fast, accurate, beautiful chromatic tuner app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Teüna: Awesome music begins with beautiful tuning.

Teüna running on an iPhone 5

Inspire your music with this fast, accurate, beautiful chromatic tuner app for any instrument or voice. Go from pocket to perfect pitch in seconds without extraneous distractions.

  • Elegantly simple design showcases one thing: your tone.
  • Mesmerizing graphics respond instantly to tones.
  • Easily change concert A pitch standard from 220-880 Hz.
  • Tune anywhere in seconds, leaving more time for practice.
  • Suitable for all tonal instruments and voice.
  • Universal app runs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Tested extensively with string, woodwind and brass instruments.
  • Effectively tunes elusive low bass notes including 5-string bass, bassoon and tuba.
  • More features coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Teüna?

The heavy metal umlaut is silent. Pronounce “eu” as in “feud”. All of a sudden you’ve got a posh British accent.

How does it work best?

Like all microphone-based tuners, it works best in a quiet environment. Also, loud instruments can overload the mic if it’s too close. On the music stand often works better than inside the instrument, for example.

Are you going to add feature X, Y, or Z?

Teüna 1.3 will be available soon featuring wider standard pitch definitions for early music aficionados. Next on my list are temperament options other than Equal Temperament and an alternate color scheme for dark environments. Contact me below if you have other suggestions.


Just email me at teuna@tonallyaweso.me, or Tweet to @TonallyAwesome.